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From the way you look to how you feel, our mission is to give you more LIFE. Integrated Health Systems revolutionary treatments are designed to rejuvenate you.

Tap Into:

  • More energy, Vitality and Fun
  • Quicker Mind and Body
  • Greater Strength
  • More Endurance
  • More of Life’s Pleasures
  • Invest in Yourself, Rewind the Clock.

Affordable gene therapy

We often hear the complaint that early stage disruptions are only for the wealthy.Today’s concierge medicine is carving a path to prove that biohacking will help people achieve the highest state of physical and cognitive performance.  And it’s working!With gene therapies, single region therapies are within a financially manageable range when you compare costs of long term ‘sick’ care versus a single dose reversal or repair. Schedule a call with a medical doctor to discuss your unique situation.


“I loved my doctor so much that I am scheduling a call for my spouse as well.”


“You have done a fabulous job coordinating months of logistics. I am very impressed with BioViva and Integrated Health. Looking forward to feeling stronger and being more fit.”


“I can feel my muscles are stronger and recover faster after exercise. I also like that my scans show that they are less fatty than before treatment.”


“My call with the doctor put me at ease instantly. His demeanor and receptivity to my questions were exactly what I needed. My first treatment was to fix a problem. I was blown away with the result, so we are already planning a different treatment, this time to enhance.”


IHS connects you to licensed medical doctors who are offering genetic therapies for:

  • Myostatin treatments
  • Telomarese treatments
  • Dual therapy combining Telomarese & Myostatin
  • Kidney regeneration therapy
  • Cancer therapies

Our technology and care, your healthy longevity:

IHS, in partnership with BioViva, is dedicated to providing you with the latest breakthroughs in medical technologies to help you at this difficult time in your life. Our doctors are here to help you every step of the way. To schedule your 20 minutes consultation with a doctor from Integrated Health Systems, please click

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