We have spoken a lot about Klotho earlier – the hormone that has been proven (in mice) to protect brains from cognitive decline due to Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia or other ailments of an aging brain. But there is more. The New York Times ran a long feature a few weeks ago about how Klotho can even enhance cognitive abilities. Dr Dena Dubal of the University of California found out in her experiments that made young mice smarter when stimulated to produce extra Klotho.

Klotho is exceptional in the manner that not only does it prevent decline of the brain, in fact it improves it. Though Klotho’s extraordinary abilities are undoubted, how exactly it works is still unclear. Since experiments cannot be run on human beings, Dr Dubal and her team have found a set of people with a genetic variation that makes their bodies more Klotho. And they found that they scored better than those who had an average level of Klotho. “It’s not like they didn’t undergo cognitive decline,” Dr. Dubal told the NYT. “It’s just that they started off higher.”

However, there is ongoing drug research into transforming this magical hormone into the form of a pill or an injection. Of course, like with any performance enhancement drug, Klotho too has ethical concerns attached to it, just like any other drug that makes people perform better physically. Nonetheless, Klotho research is critical.

“We’re going to have 115 million people with Alzheimer’s disease by 2050,” Dr Dubal told the New York Times. “If we can make this an effective treatment, then it is unethical not to do so.”

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Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/02/health/klotho-brain-enhancement-dementia-alzheimers.html

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