Telomeres, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Gene Therapy

20 January 2020

Unexpected Connections   “That there’s some kind of link between telomere length and the risk of Alzheimer’s disease is nothing new in itself, but it was thought that it was down to other underlying...

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Follistatin: Myostatin Inhibitor Gene Therapy

6 January 2020

Muscle Health and Follistatin Follistatin gene therapy is an effective means of addressing two of the most significant health crises today: age-related frailty due to sarcopenia (muscle loss over time) and Metabolic Syndrome –...

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Telomerase: The Real Fountain of Youth?

1 January 2020

Robin looks like an ordinary twelve year old girl. She is about to run a mile for gym class and expects to do well. She comes in dead last, gasping for air by the...

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