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The use of technology for human enhancement is not new. It has been a long dream for millennia, cherished by generations of people from around the world. We are the result of an evolutionary process. Every person in history, including identical twins, is a unique and unrepeatable being.

From an engineering standpoint, we have some flaws. Aside from inherited genetic diseases, our species has only one serious shared flaw: our bodies are programmed to age. Cells accumulate errors, and telomeres, the biological clocks at the ends of our chromosomes, get shorter with each cell division – like a burning before it blows its final wisp of smoke, before being extinguished forever.

Currently there are technologies that can help us transcend these limitations, such as telomerase activation. It is believed this will not be enough to compensate for the other mechanisms that are presented which, far from being isolated mechanisms, associate with each other and intensify over time. Thus we call them convergent mechanisms, such as mitochondrial damage, cellular senescence, protein dysregulation of the extracellular matrix, oxidative damage by free radicals, the activation of inflammatory mediators, protein glycation, and the depletion of stem cell stocks, among others.

I currently consider the rate of aging of each individual organ, from the placenta, which is our first organ that ages, since it only lasts nine months working, through the thymus, which at 3 years of age, has practically disappeared, the pancreas, liver, eyes, muscles and nervous system, which until the last day of our life strives to produce new connections and maintain existing ones with the metabolic cost that this entails.

That is why a new discipline, Synergic Human Enhancement (making us faster, stronger, smarter, and longer lived), has been created. It covers almost all the therapeutic possibilities to improve every aspect of the human organism. This consists of several disciplines that are already here, but now instead of resulting in an individual effort, they work together to maximize what nature has already given us – therapies such as telomerase activation, myostatin inhibition, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, neuromotor stimulation, special nutrition, and cognitive enhancement, which will bolster and preserve our abilities, while helping us  maintain a youthful appearance.

Aging is an extremely complex process. This means it is difficult to understand in its totality, but also that tackling one of its aspects can have a cascade effect on the others. Interventions like telomerase gene therapy or hyperbaric chamber therapy can address multiple issues because they are fundamental aspects of the aging process.

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