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GDF11 Treatment Study Trial Cure ​

The Heart

Treatment repairs cardiac cell and cell function whilst improving heart rate variability, lowering blood pressure and pulse rate

The Nervous System

Treatment enables growth of new nerve tissue, improves nervous system functions, reaction times and enhances signal reception and processing speeds


Treatment helps repair old, damaged skin and restores skin stem cell functions. It also improves elasticity and mitigates sun damage

Blood Vessels

Treatment helps to repair and restore cell lining in blood vessels throughout the body. It also increases and improves blood flow, specifically blood flow to the brain

Why GDF11?

Blood borne factors most likely contribute to aging and the proof is in parabiosis

An old mouse joined to the circulatory system of a young mouse results in the old mouse experiencing:​

  • Greater blood flow/vascularization​
  • Increased neurogenesis ​
  • Improved sense of smell​
  • Muscle rejuvenation​

Mechanisms of action of GDF11

  • Stems cells incur considerable DNA damage in replication. One hematopoietic stem blood cell has 90,000 progeny/day
  • Eventually the DNA damage is so severe the stem cell becomes senescent
  • GDF11 repairs the DNA damage and restores function to the stem cell. See graph on right
  • Note that GDF11 has little effect on the young, though it may greatly slow aging
  • Another MOA is activation of SMAD2 which removes senescent cells
  • Since GDF11 is about cell proliferation, apoptosis of senescent cells has to happen

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