Telomerase & Muscle

At the end of every chromosome are telomere caps which degrade as we age. This causes a number of issues. For example:

Many diseases are linked to shortened telomeres. The organs can be rejuvenated by lengthening these.

Telomerase Inducer: Therapeutic Benefits

In research, telomerase induction added up to 24% healthier lifespans to mammals. Other positive effects include:

Many diseases are linked to shortened telomeres. The organs can be rejuvenated by lengthening these.

About Myostatin Inhibition

Myostatin inhibits muscle growth and causes muscle degradation. Our inhibitor therapy protects and encourages muscle growth, helping you develop a healthier and stronger body.

Myostatin Inhibitor: Therapeutic Benefits

Altogether, there are multiple benefits to myostatin inhibition. It:

Myostatin inhibition is important because it helps to prevent Sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss). Particularly, sarcopenia is a major cause of frailty and death. Myostatin inhibition makes you stronger, healthier and enhances your stamina while increasing muscle mass.

Meet our doctor: Dr. Jason Williams, MD

Dr Williams CMO is a radiologist. He obtained his medical degree from Louisiana State University and has also completed an internship in Internal Medicine at The University of South Alabama. He is passionate about gene and cellular therapies, administered under image guidance. Image guided cancer therapies are also one of his interests. For several years, he did research with adenoviral vector technology used to treat cancer. He was selected for the RSNA Research Fellow Award. He has completed training in image guided cancer and spine procedures, and is board certified by the American Board of Radiology. He has research interests in gene therapy and stem cell reprogramming, as well as using CT and MRI for minimally invasive procedures related to the spine and cancer.

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