Cellular Senescence: Aging and Disease

16 January 2021

One of the oft cited “hallmarks of aging” is cellular senescence, but not everyone is familiar with what this  means (Leung et al.). It is a state cells go into under certain conditions, commonly...

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Synergic Human Enhancement and Hyperbaric Medicine

9 January 2021

The use of technology for human enhancement is not new. It has been a long dream for millennia, cherished by generations of people from around the world. We are the result of an evolutionary...

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Epigenetic Clocks: A Declaration of Hope.

27 November 2020

In 2011, Steve Horvath invented the first epigenetic clock, also known as the Horvath Clock, this revolutionary advancement changed everything (Horvath, 2020). Epigenetic clocks enable people to accurately assess the effectiveness of different kinds...

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The Dawning Hope for IPF

21 November 2020

Of the many ailments and diseases accompanying the aging process, not one of the least affects our lungs. Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) is a disease characterized by scarring in the lungs. The scar tissue...

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Gene Therapy to Save Our Sight

20 November 2020

“Our sight is the most perfect and most delightful of all our senses.” _Joseph Addison   The Spectator vol. V. 411 Many maladies come with aging. One of which is damage to our favorite organ...

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Klotho: Gold-Mine of the Bloodstream

1 November 2020

Integrated Health Systems, in partnership with BioViva, originally began looking into the Klotho protein because of its potential in regenerating entire kidneys, a miraculous enough possibility on its own. Since then, the literature on...

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