Integrated Health Systems is committed to helping patients access the future of medicine today.

We believe in a healthier tomorrow through gene therapy.

We believe patients deserve the dignity to access advanced therapeutics when traditional medicine fails.

Integrated Health Systems is a doctor’s network that allows people to access advanced technology by consensual use.

We are a private care company supporting health professionals working on innovative treatments or therapeutics that will give you the anti-aging advantage. We work exclusively with regenerative medicine targeting the aging process with the intent to slow or reverse that process.

Our team is among the most advanced in the world.

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You will have support from the beginning to the end. We hope you enjoy your genetic destiny!


“…after treatment, my biceps started to grow. I can confirm there is an effect from treatment.”

– Dec 18, 2023

“I wanted to tell you I finally have seen good results from the FST. I’ve gained 10% skeletal muscle since I
took the treatment”

– March 27, 2023

“I can talk about things like how kind and organized you are, how fortunate we feel to have our mom
chosen to a try cutting-edge treatment, and how safe you made us feel about the travel arrangements and the procedure.”

– Sept 26, 2022

“Feeling energetic. Telomeres longer!”

– Jun 10, 2019

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