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Ingrained in human DNA are particular genes. These genes help prevent cells from becoming cancerous. Undeniably, one of the most important tumour-suppressor genes is the p53 gene.

For many cancers, the p53 gene is faulty. Which means that cells are no longer naturally resistant to becoming cancerous. Observations conducted by doctors have indicated that half of human cancer cases involve mutated p53 genes. Moreover, p53 genes which aren’t functioning properly aid cancer to spread faster and be even more resistant to treatment.

At Integrated Health Systems, we offer a gene therapy programme. Specifically, we replace the mutated p53 genes in cancer cells with a healthy version. Subsequently, this rapidly improves the treatment of many forms of cancer.

How does P53 Gene Therapy treat Breast Cancer

P53 is the body’s natural defence against cancer. Specifically, it is a shorter term for a tumor suppressor protein. In cancer cells, the tumor suppressor protein is normally mutated or turned off which means the cancer can go un-checked. The aim of our gene therapy is to return P53 to its normal function which allows the body to naturally eliminate cancer. Over 84% of patients with triple negative breast cancer (the most virulent form) responded positively to P53 treatment when combined with the chemotherapy drug fluorouracil and gene therapy. Ultimately, the results were better than any other treatment available for triple negative breast cancer. P53 gene therapy has been used successfully in over 300,000 patients around the world. Are you interested in the therapies we provide? Please contact us today. And we can schedule an appointment at a time convenient to you.

Who is Dr. Jason Williams?

Dr. Jason Williams has been delivering gene therapy to patients for over 14 years. Furthermore, he was one of the first doctors to deliver P53 gene therapy to cancer patients in North America. Over the past decade, a number of new cancer therapies have been developed. Such as:

  • Gene therapy
  • Tumour ablation
  • Immunotherapy

Continual refinement, updating & perfection is required of these treatments. Offering the best long term outcomes and being able to offer patients the highest level of care. At Integrated Health Systems, our primary concern is your health and wellbeing. We understand that this period of your life can be testing. We only deliver the very best level of care and aim to fighting your cancer completely. We wish you a long and healthy future and look forward to working with you.

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