The Queen of Anti-Aging Proteins

1 February 2023

Klotho is the queen of anti-aging proteins. There are no close contenders at this time. While it is predominantly produced in the kidneys and brain, its soluble form circulates throughout the body. Klotho is...

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Klotho Gene Therapy for ALS?

27 March 2022

ALS: Is there a Role for Klotho? Dr. Ian C E Hale Ph.D Lou Gehrig’s Disease, named after the famous baseball player diagnosed in 1939, is now more commonly referred to as amyotrophic lateral...

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Telomerase: The Real Fountain of Youth?

30 December 2019

Robin looks like an ordinary twelve year old girl. She is about to run a mile for gym class and expects to do well. She comes in dead last, gasping for air by the...

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Alzheimer’s Gene Therapy: A Groundbreaking Human Study

21 August 2019

Integrated Health Systems is seeking volunteers with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s for a groundbreaking study using a telomerase induction therapy. Applicants will need to have already been diagnosed to qualify and will need to...

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A drug to make us smarter? Yes, please.

4 June 2019

We have spoken a lot about Klotho earlier – the hormone that has been proven (in mice) to protect brains from cognitive decline due to Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia or other ailments of an aging...

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30 May 2019

“My call with the doctor put me at ease instantly. His demeanor and receptivity to my questions were exactly what I needed. My first treatment was to fix a problem. I was blown away...

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